Error Code: 1009

Hi guys,

I have tried to create an account using the zoom rest api cust create account, however i can’t register an email account.

It return a response something like this.

{“error”:{“code”:1009,“message”:“The user already holds an active account.”}}

What does this mean?


I have gotten this message recently as well when inviting new users via CSV.

Is this a new error message, or a new error? We used to be able to invite users who had their own paid accounts, and the ownership would simply pass to our corporate account. Is this no longer the case?


I answered via - Thanks



I don’t believe this is new. A user (email address) can only belong to one account.


Hi Joshua,

I am also experiencing same issue. I am not able to access the link you provided above.

“action”: “custCreate”,
“user_info”: {
“email”: "",
“type”: 1,
“first_name”: “Sample”,
“last_name”: “Lastname”

Error I get is following.
“code”: 1009,
“message”: “The user already holds an active account.”

User is already having paid account with Zoom. We are trying to create account for that user under our account using API.