Error Code 103039

When starting a Zoom call from inside the MobileRTC, I encounter an error code 103039.

More details: I have several public-facing iPads in kiosks at our University conference enter. Each is running the MobileRTC stack. If a person has an issue, he/she starts a Zoom call (to meet with a helpdesk). However up until today the “caller” name was always the same, no matter which iPad made the call. After chatting with Zoom support I was told that the email accounts I was using for each iPad was not associated with our University email system, so I registered each directly with Zoom and put in the proper “caller” name. After this change, the iPads no longer make Zoom calls and the error 103039 appears.

Hi Alvin, thank you very much for using our SDK. The error code that you got indicate that the calling account does not have the permission to make the call. Please contact our sales manager or Zoom support regarding the permission of your accounts. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks. :slight_smile: