Error codes specification

I found out, that there is a lot of new error codes for WebSDK.
Plenty of them has cryptic names or are not described at all. You can find them here:

Do you plan to specify them?
Also code 3610 is defined twice, and there are couple of shortcuts like tk or apac.errorcodes_web_not_support_webinar_pac that many devs don’t understand.

Thank you!

Hey @mchrenko,

You can see the updated and latest Web SDK error codes here:


Thank you @tommy for your reply.
There are still couple of issues - for example webinars with registration, where these extended error codes would make sense and bring clarity to what-is-going-on to our customer care team and clients as well.
When turning on registration on webinar, we are receiving 3604 error code, that is not specified in link you’ve provided and when looking into documentation I’ve posted, that says:

3604: apac.errorcodes_web_should_support_webinar_with_latest_version
3606: apac.errorcodes_web_not_support_registration_webinar

The code does not match what the documentation says. Also different error codes are reported by SDK 1.7.8 and 1.7.10 for the same error.
I respect your efforts, but at the same time, the WebSDK with every release brings new issues (very often blockers and undocumented behavior - I am looking at you, recaptcha) and 1.8.0 version is being postponed by several months now.
I’d say it would be better for Zoom (and us devs) not to offer web sdk at all, when the quality and stability is simply not there, rather than giving us false hopes that at some point in time, it will be usable.

Wish you all the best.

Hey @mchrenko,

We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve our platform. We will also get the docs updated to reflect the error messages. CC @shrijana.g @michael.zoom.


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