Error Creating OAUTH App in Marketplace

We are trying to create an OAUTH application on the Zoom Marketplace for one of our integration clients. We have successfully done this using our own account, but when we do it with the account provided by the client, we get the following error after the last step:

You cannot authorize BETA

You cannot install the app because you don’t have the required permissions. Please contact your IT administrator for permission and try again. Edit on Web Portal

Then it lists a menu option:

Account Management > View and Edit “Sub account management”.

This menu option is not visible, in the account set up by our client or in our own.

We verified we do have the Admin role.



Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. Based on the error, it seems that role does not have the required permissions to manage a sub-account. Here is our support documentation on managing Zoom sub-account, can double-check that your role meets the prerequisites for managing a sub-account:

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately it does not add clarity. The client is unaware of any “sub account” options chosen when creating the account.

We also added a new account, and at no point designated it a “sub-account”, and got the same result.

Same here, my account is belong to the admin role and checked all the privilege, but it keep saying needs “sub-account” permission, anyone can help?


The solution was to re-create the app on the Zoom Marketplace as type “User-Managed”.



Um…“User-Manged” can manage others sub-accounts’ meeting?


It’s likely that you don’t have the Sub accounts feature, but have checked off Sub account related scopes for your integration. If you don’t need to manage Sub Accounts via the integration, make sure that you uncheck all the scopes related to Sub accounts. I encountered this same issue – removing the scopes allowed me to authorize the app/integration.

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