Error in scheduling thru API

I’ve a peculiar problem.
I’ve assigned Developer option to one of my user license, in my panel, which has integrated API online for scheduling the meeting.
HOWEVER when the meeting is scheduled, the scheduled meeting appears in HOST license.
Can someone please guide as to what am I doing wrong?

@netadminz Hope you will be fine.

How you are authorizing users before scheduling meetings using REST API.

Do you have User-Level/Account-Level or JWT?

Here are the sessions

Create Zoom Meeting - (REST API)
How to Create password less Zoom Meeting -(REST API)
Add assistants (Co-Hosts) to your Zoom Account (Zoom REST API)

Plus i’ve assigned Developer role to the said user.

Hi @netadminz
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Make sure that when you schedule the meeting, you pass the user ID or email of the host in your request URL.

So I can’t use any of the licenses in the panel except Host to schedule the meeting with API?
Rather please help if there’s any wasy we can use one of the other licenses to schedule without the using the HOST license?

Hi @netadminz
You should be able to schedule meetings via API for users under your account.
For example, you have user A and B under your account, when you make a post request to create a meeting, make sure to pass their email o user ID in the request parameters, like this: .

That way the meeting will be created for user A and user A will be assigned as the host

Hope that helps

Thanks for the paitence and bearing with me, however my problem is still not getting resolved.

Here’s the situation, User A is the HOST and user B is the licensee in the account who is trying to get the API done. So what is happening is whenever user B schdelues a meeting thru API/JWT the meeting reflects in host’s account i.e. user A. {User B has already been assinged Developer role}
I really really need help (read desperately) to get this sorted where user B schedules the meeting and it reflects in user B’s account,

If there’s any way to reset it, please do suggest.


Hi @netadminz
If both users A and B are part of the same account, you should be able to do it via API.

Make sure that when USER B schedules a meeting for USER A, the request URL has to look like this: .

If User B schedules a meeting for themselves, make sure that USER B passes their email in the request .

If User A and User B are completely different accounts, then this would not be possible.

I figured out my mistake, Thanks a ton Elisa!
Your support and guidance is much appreciated.

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