Telehealth URL encryption

Hi, my organization is trying to Integrate telehealth. It is purchasedan a JWT is active. Working on getting custCreate enabled. I followed the medium article, and will most likely do encryption of URL using C# in an SSIS package. The issue is the encryption. The key we have been given is 36 bytes, way to long for AES 128 specified in the article. As such, I am having trouble even testing the encryption. The website used for encryption in the article is the only site that accepts a key of that length. Is the nonce part of the key? Has the AES-GCM change altered the process? Do we have examples on the encryption? I have seen references to GitHub/zoom/zoomUtils and that is now a dead link. Please help!

Hey @chrisyo,

Good question. For the Telehealth integration, we only support AES 128 bit encryption.

Are you referring to the API Key? Make sure it is from a JWT App.


Hi Tommy thanks.
I think I figured it out. Using the AES site linked in the medium article I looked at the actual code. It truncates the key. Doing this, I rewrote the code in C# for my workflow and was able to decrypt using their java example.
One question I have is :
Should we be calling applications.zoom in the URL or just The former gives an API key error and the latter gives a decrypt error.
I have emailed isv@zoom twice with no response to get custCreate enabled. Can you help with that? I can PM you our enterprise/telehealth info, just let me know.

Hey @chrisyo,

Happy to hear you figured it out!

It should be Do you have a Zoom healthcare account with ISV enabled?

Apologies for the delayed responses from the ISV team, they are very backed up and working as fast as they can to support everyone.


Hi @chrisyo, did you use AES-GCM encryption mode? Is there an online tool that we can use? For the encryption key, did you use firstv32 bytes of the API secret? Thanks.

Hey @vmelik,

Have you tried using the online tool mentioned in the article?


Thanks @tommy. We have finally got this working after we found the right combination of encryption type, mode and padding.

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Great! Thanks for the follow up, and thanks for building with Zoom! :slight_smile: