Error Virtual camera SDK version 1.9.9

This is my bug report : Error Virtual camera on SDK version 1.9.9

I tried update ZoomSDK to 1.9.9 (Chrome version 96) and it worked for the camera. But When I choose virtual-chrome-webcam, Camera can’t work and show error like image.

I’m using virtual-background : GitHub - Volcomix/virtual-background: Demo on adding virtual background to a live video stream in the browser

Hi @vo.duy.nghia ,

What happens when you select the virtual-chrome-webcam first over the default option?

Based on the error, it may be that the first camera option is still running in the background and causing an issue when you try to switch to the other.

Let me know your thoughts,

Yes. When I change camera normal to virtual background => It will show error like image.

I can’t set virtual-chrome-webcam first over the default option.

For version SDK 1.9.6, Zoom run normally with virtual background on chrome. But when I switch version 1.9.9, It was errored.

For version SDK 1.9.9, Zoom run normally with virtual background on Firefox.

Hello All,

I add my 3 cents here.

From my perspective it’s related to some recent ZOOM web client/sdk changes or Chrome messing up things (why not both?).

Never developed with SDK, but I have Chrome plugins for virtual cameras/filters that used to work well with ZOOM in browser until August, maybe September and they do not function anymore. Same error as OP.
At the same time they work well with webcam test, webex, any other online service using webcam, just not ZOOM.

I did some tests:

  • feeding the screen share as a webcam works fine, even in ZOOM (mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia fed into video)
  • feeding anything else (eg. canvas.captureStream) as a webcam doesn’t work in ZOOM, but works in other things, and since virtual webcams are often based on that stream capture thing, so as for the OP - none of them will work in ZOOM web client anymore…

Once again, it worked until Summer 2021, now it doesn’t.

edit: Was also thinking if this could be related to any recent security changes in the browser engine, to prevent not visible videos from playing if used did not take action.

@YannJ @vo.duy.nghia

Thank you for sharing details on the issues you’re encountering. As a quick first step, I would try testing with the latest version (2.1.1) using our Sample Web App.

If you’re seeing the issue there, we’ll need a bit more information to debug. From here, I’m wondering if this was related to a change in Chrome or in Zoom. If you revert to a previous version of the Web SDK does this work as expected?


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I upgrade version 2.1.1. But when switch virtual background camera, Customer (App) can’t my video. It stopped like in the video.

My Video

Hey @vo.duy.nghia,

Please see the error at the top of the screen indicating an update to Chrome and/or enablement of the SharedArrayBuffer API is required. We cover this behavior in our guide on Improving Web SDK Performance.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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