Error while downloading (Code 3301)

When tried to download a recorded meeting (which I attended), shows error This recording does not exist. (3,301). I got the link to download/watch the recording. When i go to the link this shows up.

This recording does not exist. (3,301)

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  1. I click on the link i received from office, [Error - Zoom]
  2. See error

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Hi @ehsanlitu,

Can you please share the Meeting ID associated with the recording in question? I’m happy to take a closer look.


Sorry for the being late to response, as I was too sick to reply.
The meeting ID is 916 7500 5014.
Thnaks for your quick response.

Hi @ehsanlitu,

Thank you for sharing these details. In taking an initial look from my end, it does appear that a recording exists for this meeting. However, it’s possible the host’s settings could be affecting your ability to download/play the recording.

Since this isn’t specifically related to our APIs, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team directly about this, as they’re the experts in this domain. They will be able to best assist you with looking into this further.


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