Event notification is not working even endpoint is validated

I have created an application webhook only app. And set endpoint url it is validated with start and created scopes. But when I create or start meeting, notifications is not coming.

Hi @zokirov123404321
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Could you please confirm if you have activated the app successfully?

No it is not working. My code is the same as webhook-sample-node.js/index.js at master · zoom/webhook-sample-node.js · GitHub. Zoom is validating but not receiving notification after creating or starting meeting.

Hi @elisa.zoom
I have the same problem. I created a Webhook Only app and the app is now activated but I am not receiving any webhook events. There are no send logs when I look at the following.

I have also checked the receive logs on the endpoints I have provided and there are no logs, so I am assuming that Zoom is not sending any webhook events. How do I get the webhook only app to receive webhooks?

I tried the same configuration with another Zoom account and it is receiving webhooks with no problem.

Hi @zokirov123404321
Interesting, after you validate and add your events. Can you manually trigger them a couple of times?
I will send you a private message to follow up

I will also send you a private message to take a closer look into this

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I’m also running into this same problem. When I first set up my endpoint and validated, I received a single event, but since then none have come through.

I’m not sure how to go about debugging this. My Webhooks Logs shows no data.

Hi @jaylvachon
Are you still seeing this issue?

Hi @elisa.zoom, apologies for my late reply. I’m still seeing this issue.

Hi @jaylvachon
Thanks for reaching out .
Have you tried revalidating your endpoint URL?

Hey @elisa.zoom, thanks for your reply. It looks like the webhooks are coming in now. I’ll continue monitoring them in case they go silent again, but for now it looks like the issue is resolved.