Webhook Events not Working For Production App

API Endpoint
…/zoomwebhook [Private Link]
**We cant share the complete webhook endpoint here

We have added event notification in our zoom application and when we hit the validate button after adding our webhook URL then it got validated successfully and we also got a hit on our webhook for that validation. But after that initial hit we are not receiving any other event notification on that validated webhook URL. The strange part is that we have the same event notification and webhook working on 2 other testing application without any issue but only for our production application that is approved already with zoom verification process is having the issue and not able to hit any event notification other than the validation event.

There is no error on zoom application as the webhook URL is successfully validated and we are also receiving that validation event but other than that no other event notification are getting sent to our webhook URL.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. The EndPoint - …/zoomwebhook [Private Link]
  2. App Type - OAuth app
  3. Events are not triggering to the endpoint

@Naware Thanks for explaining this. If its a user authorized OAuth app, and you are using it in the production version, then everytime you make a change, you need to authorize the app again to receive the webhooks. Note that it could take upto 10 minutes after that for the changes to reflect on our end!

Thank you for your response.

Yes, we have revoked access from the authorized account and then authorize that account again to check for the webhook but still getting the same behavior means our webhook URL is not receiving any event notification.

I would like to add here again that we have 3 zoom application in total and 2 apps that are not approved for production has the exact same setup and we are receiving the webhook notification over there, just not only in our production app while the settings of app and coding to receive webhook event is exactly same.

@Naware if its a published app, and you make any modifications to the webhook, then you need to resubmit it again