Expected delay for calls to be available in Zoom Phone API

Hello Zoom Developer team,

Is there any SLA for how long it takes for a Zoom Phone call to be available in the ZoomPhone API through the API call " Get call recordings" (Zoom Phone API)?

We would like to have an idea of the expected delay, as we have seen some calls take around 2 hours for their recording to be available in the API.

Best Regards,
Francisco Castanheira

Hi @franciscocastanheira
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am sure there must be a delay for the recording to be available but 2 hours seem like a very long time.
I will send you a private message to gather more details about this issue so I can investigate further

To update this thread, we do not provide a specific SLA on the time it takes to get all data back using our API. If these delays are impacting your services, please let us know and we will investigate this issue further for you.