Extract / Convert Local Recording from Temporary Files

Hi all,

I attended a meeting today using the zoom app. I requested to record the meeting, and received a notification that it was accepted and recording.

Unfortunately the meeting was cut off, and there was no option to save / convert recording.

There was no meeting saved in the usual location (Mac: Documents > Zoom) or reference in my account’s Local Recordings section.

I did find a file called “Data” saved in ~/Library/Application Support/zoom.us/ with lots of files from today’s date, but none I can see are called “double click it to convert”

Can anyone please help me save my recorded meeting?

If it helps, I was logged into my personal account on Zoom when I opened the meeting, but the link had been sent to my work email - I assume this is why I can’t find any reference to the meeting recording in my Zoom account online.