"Fail to join the meeting" error

Description : I figured out Oauth and how to create a meeting, but when I try to join the meeting, I receive a “fail to join the meeting” error.

SDK Version : 2.4.0

Reproducible Steps : https://instalawyer.ca/video.php

Additional Context :

The meeting is still going on my phone, so it has definitely started. I checked the meeting number against what’s entered below.

  sdkKey: "[REDACTED]",
  signature: "[REDACTED]",
  meetingNumber: "[REDACTED]",
  password: "999",
  userName: "KenP",

I ran the signature through a JWT debugger, and it spits out:

  "alg": "HS256",
  "typ": "JWT"
  "appKey": "[REDACTED]",
  "sdkKey": "[REDACTED]",
  "mn": "[REDACTED]",
  "role": 0,
  "iat": 1652678922,
  "exp": 1652686122,
  "tokenExp": 1652686122

I tried the JWT signature generated in Marketplace and that didn’t work either.

The meeting would have been started in Zoom API if that makes a difference.

I’ve spent hours pouring through the documentation and this forum, but nothing I try seems to work.
Thank you for any guidance you can provide!

Greeting, @kenp,

Thank you for posting! May we know if you are using the SDK App type credentials or JWT App type to generate a signature? The first thing I’d recommend is to use the endpoint from the Sample Signature App to generate a signature and Sample-app-web to join a meeting. After successfully joining, you can compare and inspect your implementation against the working one:

Sample Web Meeting SDK

Sample Signature Node.js