Failed to add panelists to webinar via API

Trying to add panelists to a just-created webinar via the API is failing with the following response:

[code] => 3000
[message] => You have reached the limit for the number of panelists you can add. Contact Zoom Support for more information.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?


Additional context
Things work fine and then start failing - I assume our client is hitting a daily limit of some kind.
Is there any way around this, other than upgrading our client’s account?

Greetings, @ativsoftware,

Welcome to the Developer Forum. It looks like you are hitting the daily rate limit. We recently announced new API rate limits for some APIs to ensure the fair use of our platform. To clarify, the API limitation error only occurs when the SAME user is registered to the SAME meeting/webinar more than 3 times. Please make sure not to re-register users that are already registered.

An alternative approach you may consider to log all successful registrants’ information is with our Webhook APIs (i.e Meeting Registration has been created , Meeting Registration has been approved , ect). Then with the unique join URL which will be delivered in the payload, you control for registration resubmission by storing or sending the join URL. This should help to ensure that participants have access to the join URL and numerous registration requests are not submitted.

Let me know if this helps.


We were aware of the API rate limits with the same user 3 times, etc., but it appears our client is also hitting some daily limit of 1000 added panelists, even if they try to add panelists manually through the website (they have a Business account).

Thank you for verifying that information, @ativsoftware. As a next step, you can send your account details to We can take a look at the logs and diagnose what may be happening. For your reference Here are the Rate limits by account type:

Rate limits by account type

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