Failed to get deeplink via

Hi Zoom team,
@MaxM @michael.zoom
On behalf of AhaSlides development team, I’ve successfully published an Zoom app to the marketplace, named AhaSlides, on last Friday (Jun 07, 2024).

Here is the link to the app on marketplace: App Marketplace

The app has been running well through the weekend. And it was thoroughly tested and approved by Zoom reviewers.

All of the sudden, it has just broken when an user trying to login AhaSlides within Zoom App. It failed when calling the API v2/zoomapp/deeplink to get return to Zoom client after successfully authenticated with AhaSlides account.
This bug is happening to all users, so in a nutshell, AhaSlides app is unusable at the moment.

Here is the request from our backend to Zoom API:

POST /v2/zoomapp/deeplink
Authorization: Bearer eyJzdiI6IjAwMDAwMSIsImFsZyI6IkhTNTEyIiwidiI6IjIuMCIsImtpZCI6IjZlOTBjNTk5LWJlYzQtNGVlNC1iMzBlLWNiOGI4Zjc0MGNhYiJ9.eyJ2ZXIiOjksImF1aWQiOiJkYWU4MWQxN2YwMWQ5OTQwZmQ2ZTlhNTRjOTc3YzJmMyIsImNvZGUiOiJjczh3UXNqeGNudHRwMkZfNS1pVEFLd3ZSLWo4b3NSSHciLCJpc3MiOiJ6bTpjaWQ6REdyM2l3bFNET21mUGxYMndkZ2F3IiwiZ25vIjowLCJ0eXBlIjowLCJ0aWQiOjAsImF1ZCI6Imh0dHBzOi8vb2F1dGguem9vbS51cyIsInVpZCI6ImhieV9KRTVzUkZTang3U2x0Y1pSMGciLCJuYmYiOjE3MTgwMTE3ODgsImV4cCI6MTcxODAxNTM4OCwiaWF0IjoxNzE4MDExNzg4LCJhaWQiOiJUM2NYeEY4SFE1R21DM01YazliSmJBIn0.frM_CmIBqRYixOjJ667WElj11nPl20QZsQXmjX8RAkZspZGnTrmx8-khhwsb7aYRR7GFMgDE5bD-m9pJjNL4Qw

And the returned response:

data: {
  code: 4711,
  message: 'Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[].'

The application scopes that I registered is only zoom:inmeeting, nothing else. Why calling this API are trying to compare with scopes: [] ? So confusing ?

I don’t know why this happened. Because this was running fine before.

Please help us as soon as possible, since the app is already on Marketplace.

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Hi James, any news on that?
We have similar issue: Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[] when calling Deeplink API

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, the issue remains. And I still don’t understand why this happened.
This issue happened on your side too, so probably something broken on the zoom backend side.

Let’s wait for them… and hope

The strange thing is, some apps (Kahoot, Slido to name a few) on the marketplace still able to get the deeplink after successfully authorized.

Hi all, currently investigating!