Failed to initialize Zoom SDK

I cannot initialize Zoom SDK. I’m getting “errorCode: 3, internalErrorCode: 100006000”

I don’t know which version. I assume its the latest since I downloaded from official website.

My code is this

Strange thing I ran a couple of times successfully but now it doesnt work. Also, it works on emulator but not on device.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on the error code, it says the SDK cannot resolve the host thus and the request hasn’t received any response from the server.

  1. Please double check whether your web-domain is set to be “”. Or you might need to consult the person who provides this demo to you if they have any special configurations on the web-domain.
  2. Are you using any kind of proxy?

Hope this helps. Thanks!

hi, I have got the same issue, but when I use the SDK’s “sample” to test, all work fine.
error code=3 ex code=100007000

i’m a newer of android develop, in the sdk’s sample and in my project I used the same code. same domain URL, appKey and appSecret.
my project failed, sdk’s sample success…
need some config in project?

Hi zhurm,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Regarding your questions:

If you are facing other issues other than the one you mentioned, please provide the error message or log here. :slight_smile: