Feature request for Caption API

I work for a company in sweden who does live subtitles and captions for people with hearing problems. We have a third party software that sends the captions to the zoom API and it is currently working very well.

Usually this involves several interpreters for the same session, and our software handles that well.

Recently we have been starting to get an increase in jobs where we need to work with interpreters from other companies, who use Text on Top to send their captions.
The issue for us is that since two interpreters are using separate software, the sequence number for the POSTs are not kept in sync between the two programs.

In other words, every time the interpreters switch back and forth there is a delay of 30-40 sec before the new interpreters captions starts coming through, since the sequence numbers are incorrectly ordered.

Currently there is no way of asking the API what sequence number it is currently expecting. Is this something that you could consider adding?

Sending an empty POST today serves as a heartbeat and return the timestamp. Maybe it could additionally return the current sequence number, to allow multiple clients to sync with the server without having to communicate with eachother directly.

Is there any other approach I could take to try and solve this that I haven’t considered?

Regards, Olle

This would be very helpful in my Web Captioner Zoom integration as well. I’m doing the best on my end to not send Zoom a duplicate number, and never skip numbers, but it feels like if I do either of those things the captions will never show on Zoom’s end again for the duration of that meeting, or it will take a large amount of time for Zoom to ‘catch up’ and show a lot of captions all at once.

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