Few Queries Regarding Webinar and User Types

Please answer the following Queries
Context: Suppose we have a webinar plan with upto 500 attendees. We have 1 licensed user and 1 basic(free) user in our account

  1. Can the basic User be added as a host in a webinar?. If yes How much attendees are allowed in this case
  2. If basic user can create and host a webinar, Using 100 basic users as host can we schedule 100 webinars at the same time with each basic user as host in only one webinar?
  3. Can we add a basic user as alternate host?
  4. Does alternate host has same access as the host? He can start but can he stop the webinar as well?
  5. Can a same host be added in multiple webinars schedules at same time and all webinars have different alterative hosts who can start and stop?
  6. Suppose there are two community accounts A and B. A user exists in A, can we add that user in Account B via autocreate in user create api?
  7. Can a User in different community be added as a host in webinar in different account. If yes then how much attendees are allowed in this case if plan is purchased for 500 attendees?
  8. Does zoom panelist needs license?

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