Firefox Computer Audio "Not Supported" -- Don't Lie To Me!

I’m going to be completely blunt, but restrained: This error is 100%, complete and utter lies.

I know this because I’ve already built a WebRTC video conference solution for 1:1 meetings using JS/ASP as a POC before we decided to test out the Zoom SDK to see which we prefer.

Our home brew WebRTC solution handles computer Audio, Video, etc perfectly fine across Chrome, FF, Edge, Safari, Android and iPhone. We can even share the screen.

How do we fix this, because this is obviously not true. FF is perfectly capable of accessing computer audio.

Hi @sales1,

Our Web SDK does not support Firefox for Computer Audio at the moment because we support Web Assembly and not WebRTC. Please refer to the first paragraph within our WebSDK introduction page for your reference[1]. To enable Computer Audio, Firefox would need to adopt Audio worklet API[2] similar to how Chrome or Edge already has[3].

1 -
2 -
3 -

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Let us know if you have any further questions :grinning:


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Right. It’s just unfortunate you didn’t choose to use a polyfill and provide users with the option to fall back to that with the understanding they may experience reduced audio quality or something.

I guess it doesn’t matter now because FF is getting AudioWorklet in <= 11 days.

Hi @sales1,

This was a decision made by our fellow Engineers to not use polyfill at the time and to use Chrome to ensure our customers have best meeting experience as possbile.
Once Audio worklet is released for Firefox, we’ll be more than happy to include it within the list of supported browsers for computer audio.


Hi Michael don’t know if you have already know this ponyfill is really nice:

We are loosing clients we are a small company and currently living from this but
loosing too many clients because of this restriction.
Could you guide us to enable the ponyfill? outside the main library like an option?

Hi @JuanLopez

Ponyfill may work but it’s no guarantee that the Audio quality will be the same for meetings that takes up a lot of CPU usage.

Firefox just adopted Audio Worklet API, so we will be included Computer Audio for Firefox with our next release -