MacOS - Safari computer audio support

I have a question regarding WebSDK Computer audio support in Safari (MacOS, desktop).
We were using it for webinars couple of weeks ago and I’ve tested it on Safari which went well.
With the current WebSDK (1.7.6) the Computer audio panel is showing message about Chrome / Edge only.
What is the situation about this? A lot of our customers is on Safari desktop, so we are really concerned about supporting computer audio for their webinars.

Even the current documentation says that computer audio is in Safari only for webinars.
" * Joining computer audio on Firefox and Safari is only available for webinar attendees."

Thank you, appreciate your great work!

OS: MacOS 10.15.4
Browser: Safari 13.1

it seems to be v1.7.6 specific… 1.7.5 joins audio in safari with no issues

Hey @mchrenko,

Can you share a screenshot of the error? Make sure you are serving your site over https.

Also, if 1.7.5 fixes the issue, stay there until 1.7.7.


We are seeing this too.

Thank you for reply @tommy,
we’ve tested 1.7.7 on webinars and there is no Computer Audio support on Safari and Firefox.
We are reverting back to 1.7.5 which works well on both browsers (desktop versions).

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Hi @mchrenko,

Right now the WebSDK does not support Computer Audio for Safari. We will be supporting Computer Audio for Firefox in our upcoming release.


Hi Michael How are you?
Yesterday We found a really good ponyfill

that enables AudioContext, AudioWorklet and all the standard
In our standalone test It works but Could not integrate It in ZOOM web SDK
think is possible to use?

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Hey @JuanLopez,

Feel free to try and use it.