Join with audio not supported in Firefox and Safari. Any updates on the same?

Hi @tommy,

I created a standalone angular application for zoom, then embedded that in my existing angular application using object tag. We are facing issues with audio in firefox and safari. When will we get all the browser support.?


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Hi @punya.pradeep94,

This is still on our roadmap to include firefox and safari for computer audio. Please see the response below for details on why it’s not supported at this time.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Ok, Thanks Michael for this update.

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Thanks Michael!

@punya.pradeep94, let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


The next version of firefox is alleged to support the necessary components Zoom used for audio. I believe the ETA is this sunday or next for that to leave beta and enter into downstream channels for updates.

Hey @sales1,

Web SDK version 1.7.8 will support audio with FireFox. :slight_smile:

Stay updated here:


Hi Tommy How are you?
Yesterday We found a really good ponyfill

that enables AudioContext AudioWorklet and all the standard in Safari and Firefox,
In our standalone test It works but Could not integrate It in ZOOM web SDK
think is possible to use?

Hey @JuanLopez,

Please refrain from double posting. I have responded to you here: