First time using the zoom api for creating meeting without video

hi guys,

i really need some guidance.

i want to create with the zoom api this flow and not sure where should i look at:

  1. create a meeting using /users/{userId}/meetings (i than get the meeting url so i can invite someone?)
  2. configure a meeting without video/with video for all the participants
  3. make the meeting have a timer and will last after couple of minutes

please help me out how and direct me on the specific api to do it.


Hey @adi.mor, welcome to the Zoom Developer Platform!

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a meeting for yourself or one of your users with the settings you want:

  2. Enable the meeting timer setting:

  1. Stop the meeting programmatically (if you want) via the Update Meeting Status endpoint.


hi thanks for the answers - it really helps me.

i have one more question - how can i configure a meeting with only audio enabled for all participants?

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Hey @adi.mor,

You can set the audio settings as well in the Create meeting endpoint, or in your Zoom settings.


hi it doesn’t seems to be working.

let me explain further what i am aiming to do.

i want to create a meeting that starts in a specific time (and you can’t join before) however, i don’t want the host (me) to be in the meeting, and also i don’t want any of the participants will have the ability to start video. i want this meeting to end in a specific time.

let’s say, meeting starts at 20:00 and suppose to end in 20:05, two participants join (and the host isn’t one of them) and both of them can’t open video.

i tried using this paramaters but it doesn’t seem working:

“start_time”: “2020-04-04T05:54:00Z”, // it doesn’t matter the start time from what i understand it matters just if the host clicks on the start_url/join the meeting.
“duration”: “1”, // doesn’t have any affect, suppose to have on recurring meeting.
“settings”: {
“participant_video”: “false” // means that the default is that the participant video is off, but he can still change it, and i don’t want him to be able to do so

also, i am not sure how to open 3 meetings that will start in the same time (where i am the host, but don’t want to be part in the meeting), where you won’t be able to join before that certain time. can you explain me how to achieve this?

Hey @adi.mor,

The host is required to start the meeting.

Unless you have join before host enabled:

Please see this article: