Gallery view icon disappears after 3 or 4 seconds

The view icon appeared for 3 or 4 seconds when loading the zoom video, then it disappeared and only remain the maximize icon.

Browser Console Error
No error and here is the console message:
DOM fully loaded and parsed
zoom-meeting-2.2.0.min.js:2 Zoom support you browser. Chrome/99.0.4844.51
zoom-meeting-2.2.0.min.js:2 You browser support below features
meeting.js:49 {“browserInfo”:“Chrome/99.0.4844.51”,“browserName”:“Chrome”,“browserVersion”:“99.0.4844.51”,“features”:[“viewSharing”,“screenShare”,“computerVideo”,“computerAudio”,“callIn”,“callOut”,“chat”,“closedCaption”,“QA”,“POLLING”,“BREAKOUT”,“GALLARY”]}
zoom-meeting-2.2.0.min.js:2 prepareJssdk change to prepareWebSDK
prepareJssdk change to prepareWebSDK
meeting.js:64 {apiKey: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, meetingNumber: ‘0000000000’, userName: ‘R-1995994’, passWord: ‘133059’, leaveUrl: ‘/zoomleave.php’, …}
meeting.js:65 signature STZ2WWdjMTlSdjZiN3E4eXBJXzJPdy45NDk5NzcyNzY2NS4xNjQ2NjQwNjE4MDAwLjAuWllMaFRteUszeU15Ym9na3p1RzBoTUNUZE9QM1JHMUdxdnBKTWk3K0tpaz0
zoom-meeting-2.2.0.min.js:2 pre load wasm success:
zoom-meeting-2.2.0.min.js:2 pre load wasm success:
meeting.js:108 inMeetingServiceListener onMeetingStatus {meetingStatus: 1}
1506_js_media.min.js:1 sharing decode fileURL:
d655c535-5a45-4948-9abd-9cd81af90ee3:1 ready to start!
fcbffd88-29b7-4a01-a68c-41ed0ae18c78:1 ready to start!
d0dc77e7-5ce1-4555-b491-aca32cbd5274:1 ready to dec video!
971b8b91-b65c-466d-a4ba-fb2cfba598a9:1 ready to dec video!
fcbffd88-29b7-4a01-a68c-41ed0ae18c78:1 JsAudioDec.js receive startMedia
d655c535-5a45-4948-9abd-9cd81af90ee3:1 JsAudioDec.js receive startMedia
d655c535-5a45-4948-9abd-9cd81af90ee3:1 Open_Audio_WebSocket_Connect
fcbffd88-29b7-4a01-a68c-41ed0ae18c78:1 Open_Audio_WebSocket_Connect
c84922e4-2c40-4838-b7e1-7a240e49caab:1 Open_Sharing_WebSocket_Connect
db5db51b-2093-4df0-89b6-2419c9a3baf8:1 Open_Sharing_WebSocket_Connect
971b8b91-b65c-466d-a4ba-fb2cfba598a9:1 Open_Video_WebSocket_Connect
d0dc77e7-5ce1-4555-b491-aca32cbd5274:1 Open_Video_WebSocket_Connect
971b8b91-b65c-466d-a4ba-fb2cfba598a9:1 consume interval 3
2meeting.js:96 inMeetingServiceListener onUserJoin This api dont support webinar
meeting.js:76 join meeting success
meeting.js:77 get attendeelist
meeting.js:81 success getCurrentUser {userId: 33556480, userName: ‘R-1995994’, muted: true, audio: ‘’, isHost: false, …}

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

We also tested the “typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’” and “crossOriginIsolated”, both return “true”

Device (please complete the following information):

  • PC desktop
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version: Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

We found that the meeting does not have this problem using the same code and browser:

When using webinar, the view icon is disappeared after loading the page few seconds. Even the host updated “Attendee View” to “Gallery”, the attends via web browser were still in “Speaker” view:

Please help.

Actually, this gallery view was worked fine two weeks ago, and it has not been worked since last week.

Can any people help???

Hi, @nelson.chow,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. The latest version of the SDK is now 2.3.5, please can you try upgrading from 2.2.0 and see if the issue persists? There have been multiple bug fixes since your version of the SDK

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