Generate meeting link without the user id

I’m working on a app that has a feature where if 2 users chat and decided to meet via zoom, the app will provide a generated Zoom meeting link that will be given to those two users to use. I can’t find a specific API for that (if there’s any). I found Zoom Rest API - Create Meeting but the API requires the userId or token, is there a way that the API would return a link regardless of a user id or token?

Any help is highly appreciated, I’m on a tight deadline :confused:

Hi @joemoussally111 ,

By chat, do you mean within the Zoom chat client? To create a meeting, ultimately a userId is needed because the meetings have to be associated with a user by our current API design.

Hi @gianni.zoom, the app is regular chatting app not related to Zoom, there is an option for the user to meet another user by Zoom so a meeting link will be generated for them… So for the API sooner or later I have to have a userId? Do you know any documentations that explains it more? I have no idea what it represents or how to get it.

Thank you for being onboard to help me :slight_smile:

Hi @joemoussally111 ,

For users underneath the same Zoom account, you can use several of our app types (OAuth, Server-to-Server OAuth, JWT) to use the app credentials and make requests to the Zoom API via the Create a Meeting endpoint you referenced to programmatically create meetings. Please note that the JWT App Type is being deprecated so I did not even link it. The OAuth options are recommended.

To test making requests with OAuth, please reference this guide and follow the request format in the Create a Meeting API docs: Guide: Making a Zoom API Call with OAuth Credentials in Postman - #4

To test making requests with Server-to-Server, reference this guide: How to user Server-to-Sever OAuth app with Postman

If you would like to create meetings for external users (outside of the same Zoom account), you would need create and submit a public OAuth application on our Zoom Marketplace so users can install the app on their account and give permission for the app developer (you) or the app admins to create meetings on their behalf.

Hope this clears it up!

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Thank you! It’s clearer now🙏🏻

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