Zoom Rest API - Create Meeting

Hi dev,

     I just want to know the effect of parameters option_cn_meeting(Host meeting in China) and option_in_meeting(Host meeting in India) in create meeting API call. I know that these are optional parameters but I just want to know the usage i.e when to pass and when not? or What are the effects on meeting?


It is where the meeting will be initiated, can help when a majority of people are in that region

Why specific only to china and india, not for other countries?

Those are heavier markets, others may be added in future

Suppose if in my app I have user(meeting host) and his timezone, now if I create meeting for him as host using create api call then should I set these parameters as true if host is from india or china? What if parameters are false?

timezone will only affect scheduling date/time, not location

For meeting I’ll use utc. Suppose time zone is timezone of user’s location. If user is from india then I need to set it to true?
Can you please elaborate that what zoom does internally if parameters are set to true?

Timezone is irrelevant to location of meeting in a way, again just for scheduling, ex. host in Germany sets meeting for 3pm, and participant in New York, participants date/time will reflect appropriate time based on their timezone to sync with host.


Can’t really share the secret sauce, but if you set to host the meeting in India, the meeting will be initiated on data centers closer to that region, as opposed to a server in say US East

I can understand that you can’t share it. Just want to Know that is there any performance kind of issue? If meeting is required to host in india and I set parameter to false then what will be the effect?

there is no requirement to host meeting in specific region, it’s an option.


naturally, the servers closets to the participants would be best - however, if just the host is in India and 8 participants are in US then…


If you have a settings page for your users you could allow them to select the option and pass that, or just leave it off all together

Ok got it.