Get a users license type (licenced - zoom webinar500 or webinar 1000) via api

Under https:///xxxx/account/user#/ , you can get additional information on a user by going under the Advanced Search. You can choose to search by Zoom Webinars 500 or Zoom Webinars 1000 (amongst others).

This returns the results we would like, ie the email address and the license type:

How to get the same information using the api?
The ‘type’ information returned for the user via the api call has some type information (“type”: 2), which indicates it is licensed.

How to get the rest of the type information, ie webinar 500?

Found the answer:

To see if a user has a webinar and the type of webinar (500 or 1000).

master api call

In return data:
“webinar”: true,
“webinar_capacity”: 500,

sub account call

“webinar”: true,
“webinar_capacity”: 500,