Get information about meetings that was hosted by someone outside of the account


I have created a new account-app which I intend to publish to the Zoom marketplace.
This app receives wbhooks events for every ended meeting, and based on that making a request to the report API to get further information about the meeting and who participated in it.

I noticed when someone outside of the account created this meeting - my webhook is not triggered.
My question is - Is there another way to being triggered or get information about a meeting that was hosted by someone outside of the account who installed our app, when someone in the account participated in the meeting?
Any information about those meetings would help because at this moment, my app has “blind spots” for meetings like this.

And 3 more questions re publishing the app:

  1. I want to publish my app in the marketplace, and for that, it needs to go through your verification process. What will happen if I will publish it now, and later would add a new permissions/webhooks (based on your answer to the question above) - will I need to verify it again? how long will the verification process take for the first submission, and how long for the second one(assuming new webhooks/permission scopes would be added)?

  2. Currently, we have created a pro user, and to his account we added my free user. The app was developed on the free user (my user). After publishing the app we would want to downgrade the pro account to free account. Will something happen to the app that was already published? What will happen if my free user account would be later associated with another account? I’m asking because I don’t want to lose access to the app, nor I want it to be removed/replaced in the marketplace since we would want out clients to install it.

  3. We only want organizations that signed up to our service to install our app, so we check that the admin email which was used to install the app is registered in our system. So when I submit the app for verification - how can I know in advance which admin email will be used to install the app?


Hey @maayan,

No. Since the app is not installed by the host/account of the meeting, you cannot get their data.

Yes you are free to make app updates. They will be reviewed by our App Marketplace team and then your app will be updated. Usually it does not take too long for update requests, a couple days at the most.

The app would remain unaffected, but in order to access certain features the app would need to be on a pro account. If your app is transferred to another users account, you may have to have us update the backend to allow you to get access to it, but the app itself will still work.

You can ask the app testers in your submission notes to provide their email. :slight_smile:

Here is a common flow for only allowing organizations that signed up for your services to install your app:


Hi @tommy, thanks for the detailed reply! :slight_smile:

So just to be clear - if in the future I would like to move my app to a different user, or my user would be transferred to a different account - the app would still work, but I will need to contact you to update it in your BE, right?
I’m asking since I already submitted the app under my user (not a pro user, under a pro account which will later be downgraded to free account), and I don’t wish to withdraw my submission (I’ve submitted it 2 days ago)

Since it’s not trivial to access the account id, we whitelisted the emails used to install the app. Is it still a good flow of installation?

And another question, I’ve reviewed your medium post about the app guidelines for verification and I noticed the support page.
Since our app is B2B and the IT will install and uninstall the app from the marketplace/link we would send them - which information should we place on our support page? I’ve looked for some examples but couldn’t find anything relevant to our case.
Currently, it redirects users to our site, where there’s a contact us form. Does it meet your requirements? Is there an example of a support page for a B2B Zoom app that I can see?

Thanks and have a good day!

Hey @maayan,

Correct, as of now, if you tried to access your apps settings if it the user who created it has been moved, it could throw an error. We can fix this if you let us know. :slight_smile: The published app itself would still work.

Yes that is fine! Are you making a Get User request to get the email after install to verify if they can continue to access your app?

Yes a contact form is good! Here is an example: