Get on-demand webinar Attendance through API

The /report/webinars/{webinarId}/participants API does not show participants who attended the webinar on-demand (after the live meeting ended and converted to on-demand)
The webinar has been set to on-demand with recording to cloud setting. Attendees are registered and logging in on-demand, using their individual Join URLs.

How do I capture attendance information for folks attending webinars ondemand

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @smachado that report ONLY provides data about the ATTENDEES of your webinar (while it is happening).

This is completely different from On-Demand viewing (when someone registers to view a previously recorded webinar). If you want to track who is registering to view your On-Demand Webinar recordings…you should subscribe to received Cloud-Recording Registration Created Events.

If you want to track who has viewed (as in actually played your recording) you should egress the binary recording to your data stores, and stream it through your own video player on your web/mobile app/site (you should place this behind authentication ideally, so you know who is viewing and how they’re viewing).

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