[GET] User by email returns weird results for out of account users

Hi Zoom team,

in an oauth-based app, we realised a weird behaviour when calling https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/users/user and passing an email

When passing an email address of a user that is part of our org, everything is fine (getting 200, object content is correct)
When passing an email address of a user that is not part of our org and that has a different email domain, everything is fine too (getting 404, error code 1001)

Where it gets weird is when we pass the email address of a zoom user that created a “free” account with the same email domain as our org.

In such a case, we get a 200, but with a partial object result (no email address, name, etc.)

Our expectation from the documentation (View a specific user’s information on a Zoom account. A Zoom account can have one or more users) was that the result would be 404.

Since it is not the case, is there a surefire way to detect that the 200 result above is actually not a valid user for the rest of the flow?


Hi @philippe.vialatte,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

In these instances where you’re receiving a 200 response but not all the details you might be expecting, I believe this is because the user in question has not fully activated/verified their account. Once they verify their account (via an email when they created the account), this should return these users’ details as expected.

You can also query these users by calling the List Users endpoint and filtering by pending:

Let me know if this helps,

Hi @will.zoom

that would probably make sense to document this 200/no details scenario in the doc, but this solved it for us :wink:

thanks a lot :+1:

Glad I could help clarify, and this is helpful feedback—thanks @philippe.vialatte!

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