phoneHelperInstance(‘getSupportCountryInfo’) return null
so phoneHelperInstance(‘inviteCalloutUser’,ocUserName,‘PhoneNumber’, ocNumber,‘CountryCode’,ocCountryCode) return 5
so I want to know Doing I’m it the right way? or can you tell me what to do please

  1. You need call ‘-(BOOL)isSupportPhone’ first to determine if your account supports the call out feature.
  2. If supported, call ‘-(NSArray*)getSupportCountryInfo’ to get an array which contains ZoomSDKPhoneSupportCountryInfoList objects of all countries supporting to call out.
  3. Call ‘-(ZoomSDKError)inviteCalloutUser:(NSString*)userName PhoneNumber:(NSString*)number CountryCode:(NSString*)countryCode’ with param ‘countryCode’ is contains in the array get from ‘-(NSArray*)getSupportCountryInfo’.

Hi Derain_Yuan
Thank you for your help

Thank you for your answer Derain!