Getting old meeting info in the webhook events

I have created a new meeting with a title “test meeting”. Then before participant join i have updated the meeting with the update meeting api and set the topic as “Support-***********-20” and its updated and showing against the participant joined window. Please screenshot.
But in the webhook notification response of the participant joined event, old meeting topic(“test meeting”) is showing. This issue was not preset previously. Can you guys please check. Below is the response got from the webhook.

[account_id] => WidiS6nHS_Oe_KLd_Ow9xQ
[object] => Array
        [uuid] => Uhep8+RtTuKCkdDvlAVW0w==
        [participant] => Array
                [user_id] => 50332672
                [user_name] => TestA
                [id] => TClhpPyCTxWEoxYXaBAvwQ
                [join_time] => 2020-08-26T04:31:30Z

        [id] => ***********
        [type] => 2
        [topic] => test meeting
        [host_id] => TClhpPyCTxWEoxYXaBAvwQ
        [duration] => 30
        [start_time] => 2020-08-26T04:26:34Z
        [timezone] => Asia/Calcutta

Updated meeting topic is not getting in the webhook events. Old topic is getting.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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Hey @amesh,

Thanks for sharing this. We will investigate the issue and get back to you with an update. (ZOOM-191164)


Hey @amesh,

After talking with engineering, the meeting update was triggered after the host joined the meeting. With our current logic, once the first participant joins, the name of the meeting will not be changed.


Ok fine…one more thing is can i disable the recaptcha in the screen of join participant in the meeting from browser?

Hey @amesh,

Not for the Zoom Web Client, but for the Zoom Web SDK, the captcha is disabled by default. :slight_smile:


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