Google glass ee2 audio bad with newer zoom sdk


I am a metix developer for glass EE2, I am just wondering why the newer version of zoom sdk after 5 minutes cause the audio to go all crackly, if i turn video off it’s fine, if i put the device in the freezer it’s fine again after a bit, If I downgrade to an older version of the SDK it’s fine and that is what our team was forced to do.

Which version?
November and October versions cause this issue, version back from march or before is working

To Reproduce(If applicable)

You would need a google glass device so please take my word for it.

I can possibly provide a video of it happening or manager could he was a panelist at zoomtopia.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):
not a smartphone a wearable

Additional context
I live in Australia its hotter here than EU

Hi, thanks for using the dev forum.

Can you please verify whether or not this behavior is specific to the SDK by testing with the Zoom app?


zoom apk does not run on google glass, this is the only solution for zoom on google glass currently


Can you please provide device logs from both sessions where the issue is present and where the audio is working correctly?


we rolled back to the old sdk, the actual zoom SDK has the same issue on google glass so I assume it must be the manufacturer firmware,
I have logs of the power consumption going down dramatically while cpu going up around the time that frame rate issues occur.

We are attempting work around with the camera2 API itself.


Hi, thanks for the update.

Since you mentioned the Camera2 API, I wanted to make you aware that another developer recently found that their implementation with Camera2 was not working, but they found success using the original Camera API.

Please take their post into consideration while working on your implementation and let me know if you find any additional issues.


adding camera1 to the manifest created no beneficial effect, if we enabled 720p the frame rates were faster, enabling raw audio and disabling anti banding filtering gave more time before the audio would stop working, The issue is the cpu usage is going too high, the zoom APK doesn’t seem to handle the audio correctly at all the button to join with audio just doesn’t start the audio channel for the zoom unit. It also has high computation frequency and causes overheating,
I have been disappointed by the lack of options to dramatically reduce zoom’s computation power. Google is releasing Meets on glass eventually but they will probably have some new firmware to prevent overheating so please keep me updated if you can be of any further assistance.



After looking into the specs on Google glass, it is not surprising that there would be performance issues. Our system requirements list a minimum CPU speed that Google glass, just barely meets. It is logical that performance would be a problem for that reason.


Hi Jon

I am just wondering did you take into account whether it was google glass EE2 or google glass explorer edition or EE1,

This is the chip in EE2

Full specs are here for glass

if you can confirm you mean this variant it would be great for me and company. Will there be in future options to limit performance of zoom?



My previous reply took multiple Glass models into account, including the one you are referring to.

Additionally, since this is an unconventional device type, please keep in mind that we do not usually perform QA with it for each release cycle of the SDK.


hi Jon

Would just like to report google has a new firmware that is unreleased we have tried and it seems to be working a lot better, warm regards

Frederick Bertram

Hi, thanks for the update.

That is fantastic news that the firmware update has greatly improved the performance! Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you run into any additional issues.