Recently signed out users unable to access Guest Mode until they rejoin the meeting

Hi Zoom team,

We just noticed an interesting change in behavior between 5.11.0 and the previous version with regards to Guest Mode.

Before 5.11.0, if a participant was signed into Zoom we would ask them to sign out while in the meeting so that they could use Guest Mode in a signed-out state.

Since updating to 5.11.0 this behavior has changed. When we ask that same user to sign out while in the meeting they no longer get the Guest Mode notification until they leave the meeting and rejoin as a signed-out user.

The reason why this is important
Some organizations have apps disabled, so if folks are logged into Zoom and try to access Guest Mode they are blocked with the “apps are disabled” error message.

You could get around this prior to 5.11.0 if the user signed out of the desktop client while remaining in the meeting.

Post 5.11.0 the user has to sign out AND rejoin the meeting for the Guest Mode flow to kick in

Is this expected given the changes made in 5.11.0?

Taylor, thanks for the detailed write up. Looking into this and checking with product if it’s expected.

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@taylorm This is expected behavior, but not good user experience. A ticket for our team was created to address this. Will likely be resolved in the July release or one thereafter.

Thanks for the follow up, will look out for that fix in the upcoming release!

Hi Ash & Taylor,

I came here to report the inverse (but symmetric) scenario. I think it’s still relevant to this thread so I thought I’d piggyback: we observe when a meeting owner is not signed in when joining a meeting and then signs in during the meeting in order to open an installed app, that user is unable to access any privileged meeting APIs until the leave and rejoin the meeting.

I think in both of these cases, the user’s state/role is fixed from the time of joining and is not updated when signing in or out during a meeting. My hope would be in fixing what Taylor reported we can also fix the sign-in scenario.

@Ash can you please confirm?

@josh21 Try calling the config function again once the user is signed in. Does that allow the APIs to be used?