Private Zoom app for not logged in meeting host

Hello, I am facing an issue with using Zoom Apps for meeting hosts who are not logged into the Zoom client.

First, let me describe our use case a little:
We schedule meetings for other people hosted under our own account. We have dedicated people that we give host links for those meetings to. However, these people aren’t logged into the Zoom client, they only get the host link from us for a given meeting and join when we need them to.
We want to build a Zoom app to make it easier for our hosts to do their duties on the meetings.

Now, let me describe the issue:
I haven’t been able to find much in the documentation how (if at all) this use case should work. My assumption was that the app is installed to an account, so if someone joins a meeting hosted under that account, they should also get access to the app. So I’ve created a private app (because it’d be only useful for our meeting hosts) to test this concept.
My auth flow works correctly, I am able to install the app into the account. When I log into the Zoom client, I am able to use the app normally. However, when I log out and join the meeting as a host, the app is not visible anymore.

My new assumption is that Zoom apps only show up based on who is logged into the Zoom client, regardless of whether they host someone else’s meeting, is this correct, or am I missing something?
If this is true, our only option would be to publish our app and use Guest mode, or have our meeting hosts each install our app under their own account. Is this correct, or am I missing something?

I know this is a bit abstract, I can provide more concrete details if needed.

Thank you

That’s right, you would want to publish your app and support the use of guest mode for this use case. More information can be found here: