Handle "You have a meeting that is currently in-progress..."

Hello there,
I’m looking for way to handle “You have a meeting that is currently in-progress…” alert on macOS SDK. I’m wondering if there is any delegate method that triggers when it appears and lets me decide what to do in such situation.

Can you help me with it?

Hi @caribou.replay-0w , I’m not familiar with a delegate triggered here, but let me check to see what our guidance is.

Hey @caribou.replay-0w , there are two options here -

  1. You could use the delegate callback - (void)onMeetingStatusChange:(ZoomSDKMeetingStatus)state meetingError:(ZoomSDKMeetingError)error EndReason:(EndMeetingReason)reason ;
  2. There’s also a state called ZoomSDKMeetingStatus_OtherMeetingInProgress which will identify when a meeting cannot be started/joined via the client.

Thank you for your response. Honestly I was hoping for similar solution to the iOS SDK: func onAsk(toEndOtherMeeting completion: @escaping (Bool) -> Void). Do you think it is possible to implement a similar method in future releases?

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