Having issue with authentication with zoom app

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Zoom Apps Configuration
PHP version 7.4.33

*I am having an issue with zoom app authentication. I have two different licensed accounts. One is the individual account in which the app is authenticate and working fine. But the same app having an issue with another account. I checked all the user permission and everything is set correctly. *

*You can not install the application because you don’t have the required permission. Please contact your IT administrator for permission and try again *

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Hi @lmsportals
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Could you please clarify what app type are you working with?
Is it a server-to-server oauth app? When you say you have two licensed accounts, are those 2 accounts belong to the same account, or are those 2 accounts unrelated?


Hello Elisa,

Thanks for your response. It is OAuth type application and server-to-server oauth app.

Both accounts are unrelated and having different ownership.

Let me know if any additional information require.

Thank you.

Thanks @lmsportals
So you are having issues with both apps? Can you please share more details

Hi Elisa,

Yes. We are an LMS company that provides Zoom integration for our clients thru the API. Our app is in the Zoom Marketplace, LMS Portals.

We allow our clients to launch their own Zoom apps so they can have Zoom integration for their training programs. One of our clients:

We built the app using their owner account and the app was approved. We are now unable to launch the app because we keep getting a permissions error.

“You cannot authorize the app because you do not have permissions”

We really need to find a way to bring this app live today so that the customer can run their webinars through our LMS. I am on standby for any guidance.

Thank you.



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Hi Steve,
I just took a look at this issue and the app was not created under the email that you shared (I redacted it for privacy)
I will send you a private message to follow up with more details