HDMI Sharing broken in beta 15


Since we’ve updated to beta 15, we noticed that the zCommand Call Sharing HDMI Start command stopped working. The zStatus Sharing command returns true for isBlackMagicConnected, as well as isBlackMagicDataAvailable, yet when we send the start sharing command, it returns a “state”: “OK” response but sharing does not start.


Ok, we’ll take a look at this.



Just a note: reverting to beta 14 fixed this issue, so its most likely a regression in the latest beta.

~Unrelated, we also tried to downgrade to the beta 13 release, but it looks like that download actually contains beta 14 (has commands available like feedback, recording, and pinning).~

Edit: Never mind, I’m confusing beta 13 with 12


This bug was fixed in Beta 16: check out the new build: