Hello, I was wonder if there is way to disable proximity sensor while in the meeting

Hello :slight_smile:

Im using latest Android Zoom sdk right now.

I already successfully integrated custom Zoom UI to my application.

However whenever i enter zoom meeting and proximity sensor block the screen turn off like when u are making phone call the screen goes black (aka turn off ).

So i was wondering if i can disable that issue …

Zoom SDK provide that option ? or do i have to solve by my self?
In addition im making audio with Voip .

Thank you.

Hi @ssijcfe, thanks for the post.

As far as I can tell, the proximity sensor is not enabled when using the SDK to join a meeting. Maybe this could be some device-specific behavior or is only enabled under certain circumstances. Are you able to reproduce this in the sample app? If so, can you provide the device make/model and the Android version?


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