Help! I just want to be able to allow any Zoom user to create a meeting in my native app

I have a native app, iOS and Android. It is a community app, where users can sign in and view various information about their local church group, make a donation and see what events are running. These events can have a Zoom meeting associated with them so they can be an “online” event.

I have been able to create a OAuth app in my Zoom account. I have been able to get my native app user to authenticate the use of Zoom by the app (just using my developer account login), and as a result I can then use the API to create Zoom meetings that should be visible to other users when browsing available events.

That all works as expected.

However, it seems in order for all my users to be able to use this I need to publish my OAuth app to the marketplace, yet reading the submission criteria etc it makes no mention of native apps, how a tester might sign into your native app etc etc. It seems like it’s all in the wrong context.

I can’t use a JWT for this, as all of my native app users are just random individuals and do not all belong to my Zoom account, or any one single Zoom account for that matter.

I can’t understand why, just to be able to use the API to create a meeting, I have to publish the OAuth connection to Marketplace.

Can someone help me understand what I am missing here?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @zoom.developer1 – thank you for reaching out about your inquiry. Are you using our Video SDK in your native application? If not, it would allow Zoom users to create in-app meetings.

Here is the documentation for integrating the SDK for IOS and Android. Let me know if this looks like it addresses your concerns.


Hi. No we don’t need to use the Video SDK. We’re not looking to use the video features in our app itself. We just need the ability for a user to create a meeting, but it needs to be any Zoom user not just one associated with our own account.


Hi @zoom.developer1 – thank you for clarifying your needs and offering your thoughts on the current process. For user protections and security considerations, we require OAuth apps be published to the Zoom Marketplace and there isn’t a way around this.

Take note of any native app requirements for IOS and Android, and The App Review team will help you rectify any user-facing requirements.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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