Clarfying concurrent mettings more than two

Hi all, I’m currentley making a web app which needs embeded Zoom api.
I’ve been reading all similar posts what I’m curious about. However still not perfectly clear.
Infos what I need are

  1. Enterprise account is able to host more than two meetings in one account.
  2. My app would have two types of users. one will open meeting and the other will join it. So, open meeting group users would want schedule meeting without queue and the other group users either.
  3. Implement above issues with one app key(my own) because users won’t have zoom account.
  4. otherwise Video Sdk has no limit to open Call. It would be counted by total session times. In this case, no record option provided.
  5. If I host 10 meetings at the same time, how much cost it will be

Hi, @wholee4720,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum - great questions! To start, yes you can host meeting simultaneously, so your use case consisting of two types of users is possible. The prerequisites for hosting more than one meeting at the same time are :

  • Licensed user on a Business, Education, or Enterprise account
  • Host must start the meeting is our documentation on hosting concurrent meetings:

Here is our documentation on hosting concurrent meetings for reference:

With regards to pricing, I’d recommend contacting our sales. Our specialist can give you more details about the current plan offerings and also provide personalized estimate as well:

Plans & Pricing

I appreciate for your concern Donte.
Your answer makes me clear.

Thanks again.