Host joining gets Waiting for Host meesage

Intermittently getting an issue with “Waiting For Host” appearing; despite using the Host account to generate a ZAK and providing it to the Start method.

This issue reproduces infrequently in our much larger main application,
But was consistently occurring when using the demo application.

It appears to me there is an issue getting the proper ZAK token across the C# - C++/CLI boundary.
I wouldn’t experience the issue in the demo app when hard coding the ZAK into the following location.
Found in Meeting_service_dotnet_wrap.cpp
Start(StartParam startParam) (line 204)
startParam_c.param.withoutloginStart.userZak (Line 229)

After changing the method signature to use a Handle parameter, the issue stopped occurring as well.
SDKError CMeetingServiceDotNetWrap::Start(StartParam startParam)
SDKError CMeetingServiceDotNetWrap::Start(StartParam^ startParam)

I found a similar with enabling debug logs and dump generation.
That the setting chosen would at times be ignored, and no dump or debug logs generated.
Again I could hard code the values in the wrapper to be true and get the expect outcome.
But after changing within
Initialize(InitParam initinfo) (line 27)
Initialize(InitParam^ initinfo)
I now consistently produce logs and dump generation.

Can these methods and the others that take Value Classes be updated appropriately ?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
C# Wrappers
First noticed in SDK 5.10.1 and subsequent versions up to 5.13.5
Still noticed in 5.13.5

Hi @brandon1
thanks for reaching out to the Zoom developer Forum, I am happy to help here.
Have you been able to test with the newest version available of the SDK?
For windows c# there is a v.5.13.10 version available

Just tested with it.
Yes it is still occuring.

I believe I found a part of my issue.

The InitParams were a mistake in my code.

As for the StartParam and the join as Host appearing.
There was a misunderstanding about the length of time a ZAK token is valid, this document below states it as 2 hours.
But there doesn’t appear to be any issue if we use a ZAK token within 5 minutes of it being generated.

It would seem you can submit whatever gibberish you want as a ZAK token to the SDK, and it will start/join the meeting, but it will only recognize you as the host if the ZAK is still valid.
Is there some feedback in the SDK to discover if you have submitted a valid ZAK token versus just assuming your not the host?

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