Start_url asking for login instead of just starting the meeting

Hi everyone

I created a new meeting using JWT and everything is fine now when i clicked in the link from start_url it required for a login to start the meeting like the below pic

the start_url is not expired

the behavior am looking for is to give the hosts a special link differently and other users can use the join_url

is there any way to bypass the login and start the meeting just by having the link

Thanks Mostafa

Hi @mostaahnaw,

How are you retrieving the start_url? If you grab the start_url returned by the API response for our Create Meeting endpoint, this will include a user token appended to the start_url by default. This URL should allow the host to start the meeting directly.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @will.zoom Thank for your reply

my question is is the start_url can work without a login from the account owner or is login required to start the meetings
cause am using the start_url in a browser where am not logged-in

Hi @mostaahnaw,

The start_url should not require login. Can you confirm that the start_url you’re using has the ?zak={token} parameter appended to it? If you’re missing this parameter (this is only returned by the Create Meeting API response), this could be why you’re being required to login.

Let me know—thanks!

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