How can i create meeting via api allow teacher and student joint multi host the same time without required register?

I create zoom meeting Zoom REST APIs to create and record meetings. with account pro.

Here my body request

$requestData = [
“agenda” => $attributes[“topic”],
“topic” => $attributes[“topic”],
“start_time” => $attributes[“start_time”],
“default_password” => true,
“duration” => $attributes[“duration”],
“pre_schedule” => false,
“settings” => [
“allow_multiple_devices” => true,
“alternative_hosts_email_notification” => false,
“audio” => “both”,
“auto_recording” => “cloud”,
“host_video” => true,
“join_before_host” => true,
“meeting_authentication” => false,
“show_share_button” => true,
“host_save_video_order” => true,
“approval_type” => 1,
“jbh_time” => 0,
“timezone” => “Asia/Tokyo”,
“type” => 2

Hi @makejonh4
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!

It looks like you are passing the field “approval_type” with a value of 1 which indicates that the meeting requires registration.

Could you please try passing value 2 which means No registration required and let me know if this helps


thanks @elisa.zoom
it’s work

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