How can I locally test my SDK app inside ZOOM?

I want to test my SDK app locally as it described in this guide, but I even have no “SDK Oauth Local” item in App building list

Also I want to start an empty ZOOM meeting with only me as participant to test my SDK App. Is it possible to add app to account and use it only locally?

What are the steps I should perform to integrate my SDK App with GUI into Zom and test it locally before publishing?

UPD: I’m activated local testing tab and created simple server on Python to handle authorization url, and it works correctly. However, I still have GUI plugin written with C# Windows SDK and don’t understand how can I integrate GUI plugin into main Zoom application for local testing.

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UPD 2: I’ve found this guide Supporting OAuth in your SDK app and updated my server authorization route to redirect user to my custom url protocol that launches my SDK app.
But when I select main Zoom app to execute a link to add SDK app .exe file into Zoom, nothing happens, it just open the Zoom.