How do I capture the event where the user hides or disables their camera?

How do I capture the event where the user hides or enables their camera?

Which version?
Version: 4.3.47200.0322

On the Bottom Navigation Bar, there are UI elements for toggling Audio and VIdeo feeds. How can I capture when a user is enabling their Camera? We want to have the camera turned off by default upon entering a Zoom meeting. For analytics purposes, we’d like to know when the user feels confident that they want to show their face.

Hi mlapasa

this api will turn off video. this code should call before join or start meeting.


InMeetingServiceListener :onUserVideoStatusChanged(int userId) will callback when user video status changed. with the userId you can get InMeetingUserInfo.getVideoStatus().

VideoStatus.isSending() : true video on;false : video off.

Hi Fred,

I have the onUserVideoStatusChanged() listener set up, however I am running into difficulty in obtaining an instance of InMeetingUserInfo to invoke getVIdeoStatus().

How do I get a reference to this object?


Actually, I’ve been able to get the state of the camera via this call


I check it when onUserVideoStatusChanged(userId: Long) is called

Hi mL,
Thanks for your reply. You can refer to the for the details in the InMeetingUserInfo class. To use the getVideoStatus interface, you can do something like this: