How do we e2e test different users in our dev environment if we already have a published app?

How do we e2e test different users in our dev environment if we already have a published app?

We have published our app and now are updating with new functionality which includes making it useable for more Zoom users (we now will support Zoom Pro users vs before it was only business users) by adjusting functionality and the scope. How can we test Free, Pro, Business users against our dev updated app version before it goes live?

Our developer/Zoom account only has one type of user (in our case Business)… so we need to test against a range of users (free, pro and business) likely from outside our developer domain end to end to make sure everything works before publishing the app.

When we were preparing to launch our app originally we got a “Publishable URL”. Now that we have a new version the Publishable URL continues to point at our original app… not the new version. So, is no use to us for this testing.

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Hi @virginie.zoom @catalina.diaz , are you able to offer some insight here for this developer please?

Hi Jeremy,

Happy to recommend the best option here: I would suggest duplicating your app with the same functionality and test the different user types through a PUB URL - since you want to test externally with different users/accounts.

It is not possible to do that via an update request since your changes would be applied to the development environment and you wouldn’t be able to test with external accounts prior to pushing your updates to your published application.

Therefore, I recommend testing via a PUB URL /Authorization URLs first, and once you’re okay with the test and the changes, apply them to your published app via an UPDATE request.

You can learn more about PUB URLs/Authorization URLs here:

And Update requests here:

Let me know if this helps!

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