How much time it takes for a meeting to get uploaded to zoom cloud?

For god’s sake I don’t have too much time left to wait. My 45min cloud recording is stuck for 12 hours now I need that urgently. If it really takes more than 30hours to process the recording, it’s useless even if I eventually receive the recording… I will have to re-do the whole thing anyway.
Any cases which your ~45min-1hour long recording are done processing within 24 hours? please give me a little faith people… ;(

Mine finally finished about about 30hrs. Have some faith and hang in there.

For what it’s worth, I had a 25 minute recording take about 2 days to process. I’d assumed cloud recording would be better experience since I was hosting the meeting on an iPad and didn’t want ito give up resources to a local recording but I won’t make that mistake again.

This was my first attempt so I can only guess at what caused such a delay but I DID notice that there were actually 9 recordings once all was said and done. I believe that’s because I checked “Allow users to join before host”, but I’m not sure. Maybe something about the cloud server trying to process 9 overlapping streams was the culprit, but again, I’m just guessing.

I still have a recording processing for 2 days

Why is it i send a email to support and no answer

+1 also waiting for a recording from earlier today that is still processing - it’s only 1 hour long. As many of the above commenters, this is also required for my clients. Assuming I’m going to have the same problems as those above. Zoom need to provide an update to their users on the steps they are taking to resolve this asap.

I recorded a meeting a week ago tomorrow (5/9) that’s still processing. It was only about 40 minutes long. I know Zoom had an update on their status page mentioning that there was a known issue with cloud recording, which was updated about 3 or 4 days ago to say that the issue was resolved and the backlog of recordings was being pushed through over the following 24 hours. Still nothing. I’m chalking it up to delays because of a huge backlog, but I’m hopeful I didn’t lose my files. Needless to say, I’ll be recording locally from now on. It may mean a bit more work in the editing process, but I’d rather have the files than have to go back to a guest and tell them that we have to re-record because of an issue like this.

I recorded a webinar last week and it’s still processing. Recorded a 15 minute session during the week without problems. Tried to re-record last week’s presentation again today and have the same issue of still processing even though I received e-mails both times stating that the recordings are ready for viewing. I submitted a trouble ticket last week and haven’t gotten any response. I updated the ticket today with the new recurrence information. I’ve got a Pro account and I’m following their process but a week with no response to a support ticket is unacceptable. If they fixed something, it isn’t working. At minimum I would like to get access to the recordings so that I can use another service to host my videos if I can’t depend on Zoom’s cloud capabilities.

I am having the same issue - 26 hours since my interview that I need TODAY to upload for an online event - is stuck PROCESSING. I’ve logged a help ticket, no response yet. Every other recording was immediately available - not this one, with a high end speaker that I won’t get to interview again. GAH, this is really frustrating and not what I expect from a service I am paying for. PRAYING I am not going to lose this recording!!!

Same issue. Recorded video on May13th. As of last night (17th) it was still processing. No response ion the ticket I put in and had to call sales to try and get an actual human response. Also, the automated chat broke when I asked about getting an actual human.

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I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with cloud recording. Due note that with the current load on our systems Cloud Recordings are taking longer to process, but will indeed process.

To be notified when your cloud recording is completed, use the Cloud Recording Completed Webhook.

You can also keep an eye on our status page where we post about cloud recording delays:

Please use Local Recording if you want instant access to your recordings.


Wowow what a response after 5 days

what a service unbelievable

I’ve got a recording from May 9th and another from the 16th that are both in the “Processing Recording…” state even though other recordings (that were shorter) that were recorded after these were processed and are now ready for viewing. So, where is the processing in terms of working on the backlog that exists? I would like to get an understanding as to when I should expect to see my two recordings show up for viewing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Thanks for the info, @tommy . I have the same question as @zmhost above. I also have a meeting, about 40 minutes in length, that I recorded on May 9th that still says it’s processing. I realize that Zoom is overwhelmed with the number of users right now and I have since gone back to local recording, but is there a way to tell where our files are in the queue? I’m trying to determine if I need to just plan to re-record this meeting (it’s for a show) or if my files will be available in the cloud in the not too distant future. If it’s going to be several more weeks, I’ll probably just re-record it locally at this rate.

I have a recording that was previously available from May 2nd. When I tried to clean up my recordings because I was running out of space, it went into “Processing Recording” and never came out. It’s been like this for 5 days now.