How to add multiple varients of MeetingActivity using config zm_config_conf_activity

Hi Team, currently we need to show customised zoom screens for depending upon user role. We need to add 3-4 different Customised Zoom screen. How can we achieve this?

I know Zoom provides two type of customization

  • Zoom default UI - everything is the same as the official Zoom client, but you will have limited configuration options.
  • Custom UI - Everything is under your control, you need to draw your own UI.

Zoom default UI is working fine for us, only we need to have a config at runtime to select which activity we have to show. currently we can only config one single activity using zm_config_conf_activity flag

Hi @happy.bitclass, thanks for using our SDK.

Unfortunately the SDK does not support setting multiple MeetingActivity instances at runtime. Based on the description of your use case, there appears to be two potential solutions:

  1. Implement one MeetingActivity in your app, modifying it as needed depending on the role of the user.
  2. Switch to using a custom meeting UI.

There may be other approaches that could work, but these are the two options I can come up with given the amount of information in your post. If you can provide some additional context around what differences would exist between different users’ roles, I may be able to offer some alternatives. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for quick response @jon.lieblich , We have two users role. teacher and student. We need to show two different ui for teacher and student, If we use one activity for this usecase then everywhere we need to write logic and ui binding depending upon role in activity.

Which can create fragile code, what if we need to add more than 2 roles in future. we can’t scale.


Hi @happy.bitclass,

I completely understand that you are looking to define a different UI based on the role of the user. Are there any concrete differences in the SDK’s UI that would exist, or are these differences only in the UI defined by your application?


Only differences in UI, and some actions are going to be hidden and shown based on role.

Hi @happy.bitclass,

I’m sorry, but the amount of information we have right now is not enough for us to offer specific suggestions. There is limited modification available through the SDK’s MeetingOptions class, but if those options do not fit your needs then a custom UI would be the only alternative available.


Thanks for the update

You are very welcome, glad we could help!

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