Is there a way to build custom meeting ui without inherinting MeetingActivity class?

I have gone through the example2 app provided in the zoom SDK. But it is required to build another Activity with MeetingActivity class. And in the my_meeting_layout.xml they have used include to add zm_conf_main_screen. But what I need is individual components like the gallery view, video unit, etc. So that I can divide the zoom components into parts and embed them in different positions according to my layout.

Hi @vsnk,

Yes, it absolutely is possible to build a fully custom meeting UI using the Meeting SDK. To do so, you would utilize the SDK’s custom UI mode, which prevents the SDK from rendering the default Zoom UI you would normally see. This means that you would assume full responsibility for the appearance and behavior of your meeting UI.

A good place to get started with custom UI mode is our documentation.


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