How to avoid error code 5003 on join meeting


  1. We used a shared login user for all sdks.
  2. We receive error code 5003 on meeting join. The frequency of this is around 3 per day (out of dozens of calls per hour).
  3. For those 5003 calls, the meeting status will be 6 (meeting failed) after 120s, with error code 5003. Initially, we thought that it was related to rate-limiting. but those calls usually happen like 5am or 8am in the morning, where we only have about 10-20 calls per hour.

I would like to know what might cause 5003 connection failure (is it related to the meeting host not accepting the connection? or it is purely zoom data center issue). From that, find out what we or zoom can do to avoid that.

Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?
windows SDK 5.5.1

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Normally when this happens there is actually a connection issue.


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